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Thursdays, August 8th and 15th
Nashville Striders Cross Country Series
6:30 PM, Percy Warner Park, Vaughn's Creek X-Country Course
(Hwy 100 & Old Hickory Blvd.)
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The Nashville Striders is a nonprofit organization and our mission is to promote running, walking and physical fitness as lifelong endeavors. To accomplish this mission, we sponsor activities and races for fun and fellowship within the running/walking community. To continue these activities in the quality manner we expect; we need your help.



When you volunteer at a race managed by the Nashville Striders management team, you can earn tokens and volunteer points that help qualify for Striders Milers (SM) and Grand Prix (GP) awards. You can earn tokens and volunteer points as follows:


  • Tokens may be redeemed for complimentary race entries as well as for Nashville Striders apparel and merchandise.  Each token is considered to have a value of $5.00 (e.g. 4 tokens for a $20,00 registration fee)
  • When registering for a race, look at the applicable registration fee (pre-registered, race day, etc.) to determine the number of tokens needed.
    Note:  registration fee cannot be split between tokens and currency
  • The same formula ($5.00/token) is applied for purchasing Nashville Striders apparel and merchandise.


  • When you want to volunteer for a race, contact our volunteer coordinator at:
  • You will be included on the list for the race and a few days before the race, you will receive an email with details so you will know when to arrive and the job you have been assigned.
  • If you want to be included on the volunteer contact list and receive emails when we are recruiting volunteers, please send an email with that request to the volunteer coordinator (email shown above).

Volunteer points will still be awarded toward the Grand Prix for Nashville Striders members as described in the Grand Prix rules. Grand Prix Page

Race Tokens May be redeemed at these races: Race List

Mail-In Race Token Form:  Token Race Registration Form

Volunteer Jobs: Job Roles