Runners and walkers of all paces and distances are welcome to come enjoy a run/walk of their chosen distance with old friends and make new friends along the way. We welcome members and non-members to participate at no cost.

The Nashville Striders will stage each run/walk from Wave Country parking lot at Two Rivers Parkway exit off TN 155/Briley Parkway North. Participants will have the option of a flat route by going over the pedestrian bridge and onto the Shelby Bottoms Greenway or a rolling hills route by heading toward Percy Priest Dam on the Stones River Greenway. The distance you want to run or walk
is up to you (1 mile to 20 miles or more).

Fluids will be provided at Wave Country and a few self-service stops set up along the route. The locations will be announced at the beginning of each run.

Dates and Times*


2019 Dates - TBD

* These dates don’t target a specific fall marathon/half marathon weekend giving people a variety of options throughout the summer and fall to run/walk with a group based on individual training/race dates and have fluids provided along the route.

"You don't need to be fast! What you do need is will: the will to abide by a training program. The will to get up a couple hours earlier on Saturday or Sunday morning to get your long run in. The will to structure your life a bit more over the next few months: to get more sleep, drink more fluids, eat more carefully." 

- John Hanc - The Essential Marathoner