2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon



6:00 AM—Saturday, August 5

Bongo Bob’s Bongo to Bongo—14 Miles

Leave from Bongo Java in East Nashville @ 11th & Woodland

to Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd

plus a 4 mile loop down Belmont Blvd then

back to Bongo Java East.


6:00 AM—Sunday, August 20

Harpeth River Greenway –16 Miles

Meet at Harpeth River Greenway Trailhead

off Hwy 100.  Run an out and back route.


6:00 AM—Sunday, September 10

Tour From the Trestle—18 Miles

Leave from the train trestle parking lot in Shelby Bottoms.  Run to park entrance then a loop around the pond then on to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, around the reverse ‘P’, over the pedestrian bridge for a portion of the Stones River Greenway before heading back to the trestle.


6:00 AM—Saturday, September 23

Stones River Stroll—20+ miles or fewer

Leave from Wave country.  Run out to Percy Priest Dam then back to Wave Country (16 miles out and back). Then run over pedestrian bridge to Shelby bottoms for additional mileage



Call/text/email for any of the above runs:

Peter Pressman 615.293.8862



Peter Pressman: 
Call/text:  615.293.8862

Diana Bibeau: Call/text:  615.347.5822 


"You don't need to be fast! What you do need is will: the will to abide by a training program. The will to get up a couple hours earlier on Saturday or Sunday morning to get your long run in. The will to structure your life a bit more over the next few months: to get more sleep, drink more fluids, eat more carefully." 

- John Hanc - The Essential Marathoner

These runs are subject to change, please watch our website for updates, or call to confirm dates and time.