For the 2018 Rock 'n' Roll Nashville 


While our goal race is the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, we encourage you to join us if you are training for another Spring race or the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.  All routes can be modified to meet your goals!   

Print Schedule

7:00 AM—Saturday March 10

Sam's Place Run—18 Miles

6051 Hwy 100, Nashville. Route will include Belle Meade Blvd, Post Road and the Richland Creek Greenway


7:00 AM—Sunday, March 25

Stones River Stroll—20ish miles

Leave from Wave country.  Run out to Percy Priest Dam then back to Wave Country (16 miles out and back). Then run over the pedestrian bridge to Shelby bottoms for additional mileage. 


7:00 AM—Sunday, April 8

Check back soon, we will have another 20 miler! 


Have questions? Please call/text/email Peter
Call/text: 615-293-8862  

Not running? Want to volunteer? Please contact Peter for more information on how you can help! 

These runs are subject to change, please watch our website for updates, or call to confirm dates and time. 

"You don't need to be fast! What you do need is will: the will to abide by a training program. The will to get up a couple hours earlier on Saturday or Sunday morning to get your long run in. The will to structure your life a bit more over the next few months: to get more sleep, drink more fluids, eat more carefully." 

- John Hanc - The Essential Marathoner