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  Saturday, July 27th
Nashville Striders Summer Picnic and 5K
5:30 PM, Edwin Warner Park, Shelter #11, Nashville, TN
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Thursdays, August 8th and 15th
Nashville Striders Cross Country Series
6:30 PM, Percy Warner Park, Vaughn's Creek X-Country Course
(Hwy 100 & Old Hickory Blvd.)
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                       ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!

The newest version of the Nashville Striders FUNRUNNER is now available!! Please click on the 'Club' tab and scroll down to 'FUNRUNNER' above to view the latest and greatest version.  You can also access via the link provided HERE ---> July/August - 2019 FUNRUNNER



                                WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!  

The Nashville Striders Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Christopher Caruso and Alex Ponce are the winners of our 2019-2020 Peter Pressman college scholarships. Congratulations!  We offer earnest thanks to all the students who applied for the scholarships we had to offer.  We appreciate all the students and their families taking the time to apply and to support the Nashville Striders.  The Board named the scholarship program for Peter shortly after his death in March of 2018.  For the first time for the 2019-2020 school year, we made undergraduate students as well as high school seniors eligible for these scholarships.  No current college undergraduate students applied.  A maximum of four $1000.00 were available to high school seniors and undergraduates.

                                     Ruth Pressman, Christopher and his parents

                                        Ruth Pressman, Alex and his parents

Christopher and Alex were at our May Striders Board of Directors meeting to receive their awards.  Ruth Pressman, Peter’s wife, presented the certificates to Christopher and Alex.  For more details and additional pictures, please see the full article located here.